Indecision IS the Decision

Sitting on fences can be bad for your posture, don't let indecision become your biggest regret... The Beginner Investing Guide shows you answers...

The Beginner Investing Guide shows you answers...

Over the past few days, I have been teasing and prodding to see if you are interested in completing a course about stock market investing.
To date, I have only delivered this course on a 1 to 1 basis, so more of a coaching exercise really. However, the next time I deliver it, I intend to record the classes. This is what is called a ‘Beta’ group delivery method. (I hate these buzz-words). I can then allow students to review the content again, and the material could be positioned as an ‘Evergreen’ course (more buzz-words, sorry!). The reason I tell you this is that it’s crunch time!

Crap or get off the pot!!

Decision Time
Procrastination can be paralysing

The first post of this series shows some Common misconceptions that scare people away from Stock Markets. The second was a little bit about how I got to the point of being qualified to teach about investing. After that, I outlined some common mistakes that most beginners make (including myself- and not just once!). Then in the post preceding this one, I outlined some of the benefits you would see upon completion of the course.

We are at the stage now where, if you aren’t convinced that either you want to Invest in markets or you want to follow my material, then I am wasting your time. I’d hate to be accused of that. That may be a little blunt, but it is true.

There is a webinar coming soon, An Introduction to stock market investing which is free to attend and will answer any remaining questions you may have. Attendees will be offered a position in the Beta group (at a special price). I highly recommend that you attend, as this discounted entry price won't be seen again, and it won't be in the replay!

Well, that’s about it really, I hope you enjoyed the content and if you cannot take the plunge with me on this occasion perhaps you will at a later date, because the opportunity to grow wealth will be around, however Time is Money when it comes to long term investing, in fact, time is much more important than money where compound interest is concerned.

I hope you have a great day, and I hope to see you on the webinar, the link is below!

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