The Beginner's Investing Guide Could Help You Sleep Better?

It's really amazing how having just a small amount of stock working 24/7 can drastically reduce your fears about finance...

Why would I complete the Beginner Investing Guide from InvestorGym?

Before I learned how long term investing is done properly, I was constantly second guessing myself.

When you turn on the financial news (like Bloomberg or CNBC) you are inundated by contradictions. It has become more like clickbait than news. What is dramatic or attention grabbing is what gets pushed.

Over the space of a single hour I have seen ‘Experts’ claim that the single most pressing issue facing investors is rising inflation, another claimed it was increasing interest rates. Someone else said it was civil unrest and another blamed supply-chain ‘bottlenecks’

It may have been missed, but rising interest rates are a tool used to suppress inflation (as more expensive borrowing will impede spending power - hence, reducing inflationary pressure)

Today’s civil unrest is at the US/Canada border, in protest of pandemic restrictions, which is causing a bottleneck and forced closure of some factories (therefore limiting supply of goods, forcing prices higher!)

Contradiction would be an understatement!!

Oh I forgot to mention, those four contradictions don't matter to long term investors!!

S&P 500 1991-Present
The long term trend is quite clear (Can you find the Housing Crisis of '08?)

For students of the Beginner Investing Guide this “noise” is a bonus. 

Confused? Let me explain, Long term investors relish market volatility. Why? Because this gives long term investors an opportunity to pick up quality stocks at cheaper prices.
The course explains how the markets work over the long term, what you need to watch out for and what you can ignore.

Course students learn how markets work as a passive system. 

When you know how to assess a stock, it is easy to commit to it for the long term and ignore the noise. This results in a better night's sleep for all involved!

The ability to automate everything (which is also shown in the course) allows students to concentrate on their day to day business, leaving the stress of retirement worries to pension advisors.

So with all that said, if anyone is interested in knowing more about this system, sign up for one of the free webinars that are coming soon and any questions that you may still have can be answered. You also find out how to sign up for the course which includes everything you need to get from ‘Clueless and Broke to Invested with Confidence’ in under 4 hours, with on-going access to office hours on a regular basis.

Complete this course and save yourself Time, Money and Stress! Oh, and sleep better!

See you on the webinar the button is just below!!

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