The A to Z of Long-Term Investing for Beginners

Where you won't need a dictionary

Welcome!! The InvestorGym is your No-Bull Guide to Investing for Beginners!!

Do you want to learn about Investing? The Investor Gym is here to help you work it out!!

 This is a beginner friendly, ‘smart from the start’ approach, to getting your first foot in investing on the stock market.  

This will be the only resource you need to learn how to plot your way through all the changes that we will watch unfold over the next few years… Autonomous driving, Blockchain, A.I., Media Streaming…,  it’s gonna be fantastic to watch!!!
What if you owned some of that??

What’s in it for you?

 I want to share what I have learned, to help you to get a part of the ever-evolving industries that will shape our future.  

I will show you how to select and figure out the value of shares. How to understand the potential of a company, How to buy it, how to manage what you’ve bought and much more…  

So, what’s my story?

My name is Jim Gardiner and I love learning about investing – and helping others to learn too!!  

When I started (about 6 years ago), there was no one-stop shop to get you up to speed.  

I was clueless about markets… I wandered from site to site getting all the wrong info and in the wrong order!! It was like a strange form of torture…  I messed about for the first year, losing money on ‘gimmicks’… Anyone know that feeling?  

There were trading courses that I travelled 50 Miles to attend, ‘Betting Accounts’ to profit from small price changes, and a few “All you need” subscription sites that charged me a fortune to know what their GUESS was, about a company!!  

Some readers may relate to this! In my first twelve months, I thought that I was investing, but nope. I was betting, trading and basically speculating, with no iota what I was doing!  

But I did prevail in the end…

I now self-manage, my own Long-Term Portfolio…  In 6 years (+ 4 month to be precise), my portfolio has grown by 195% without any “get rich quick gimmicks”  

That may sound impressive, but I assure you it is not. I have done nothing special whatsoever….  

What I did was Buy and Hold… (The Warren Buffett Approach – Why not learn from the most successful Investor in history? Do you think you know better?)  

I must admit, the markets have been very kind since I started Investing in September 2015.  

Sure I bought sound companies, I assure you, you know most of them and probably use them. (Apple, Google, Amazon, Netflix and many others)  But I did not succeed thanks to trading, and I will not be teaching trading in this blog or encouraging it. I also won’t recommend any stocks.  

I will show YOU how to work it out for yourself… You won’t need anyone to point out companies that are screaming obvious future growth once you know how to measure them.  

I will teach you Investing – Long-Term Investing… For Long-Term Growth. 

I would like to save you the heartache I have endured and show you how to get up to speed the right way!  

So if you are interested in getting started, please Sign up for the newsletter. 

I’ll make sure to keep you up to date on all that’s happening here… And Check Out The Blog, there is a good start in there!!  

Welcome to The Investor Gym – The No-Bull Guide to Investing for Beginners!!